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Originating from the South Coast of the UK, Jack is a freelance audio engineer based in London, UK. After a year working at The Church Studios under Paul Epworth, he began freelancing as an Assistant and Engineer at studios such as Eastcote, Metropolis, Dean Street and Lightship 95.


Jack first began engineering at University, where he worked with several local artists, and established solo project Sky Days and collaborative project Kirk Francis.

​Inspired by the sounds of his favourite records, Jack strives to capture great sounds in the studio and loves to get creative when recording, taking the time to find new and exciting sounds. His work so far has amassed over half a million streams on Spotify and continues to grow.

​For more info, or to chat about a recording project, feel free to get in touch via email or with the link below. 

Working on the vintage EMI Neve desk at The Church Studios



Feel free to get in touch!

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