Composition & Sound Design

Composition & Sound Design

"Double King" - Animation by Felix Colgrave 


"No Country For Old Men" - The Tracker Scene


"Pulsar" - 1980s Watch Advert

Sound Design

"Shutter Island" - Edited


 Having developed a passion for music from a young age after listening to my parents' old records, I spent my younger years performing and recording DIY covers and demos at home.

I studied Creative Music Technology at Falmouth University for three years, using my spare time to write, record and work with several local artists, as well as establishing my solo project Sky Days  and collaborative project Kirk Francis.

Inspired by the sounds of my favourite records, I strive to capture great recordings in the studio and love to get creative when recording, taking the time to find new and exciting sounds. My work so far has amassed over 300,000 streams on Spotify and continues to grow!

If you're interested in getting your music recorded on location or in studio, mixed collaboratively or remotely, or mastered, email me or get in touch with me below. 



I'm always interested to hear about new projects, feel free to get in touch!

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